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Jacob's Ladder
5th Grade
Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program

        Jacob's Ladder targets reading comprehension skills in high ability learners. Three skill ladders are connected to individual readings in poetry, myths/fables, and nonfiction, as students move from lower order, concrete thinking skills to higher order, critical thinking skills. For example, Ladder A moves students from Sequencing to Cause and Effect to Consequences and Implications.

The skill ladders in Jacob's Ladder correspond with the higher level, critical thinking skills.  Jacob’s Ladder is a learning journey for students which moves through an inquiry process from basic understanding to critical analysis of the texts read.  Tasks have been organized by skill ladders with questions and activities within each. Ladder rungs are organized to increase complexity in intellectual demand.

The following is an overview of the goals and objectives of Jacob’s Ladder tasks that we will be using in 5th grade:

Ladder A (Paul's Reasoning Model):
Cause and Effect
Consequences &

Ladder B (Deductive Reasoning):

Ladder C (Literary Analysis):

Ladder D: (Creative Synthesis/Application)
Creative Synthesis

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