Visitors at Lunch
Mary Moorma

Visitors coming for lunch at Scioto Ridge. 

Due to the number of students we have, we have the following parameters around lunches at Scioto Ridge:

  • 1 family member per student
  • 1 lunch day per student

We have enough slots for each student to have ONE lunch guest this school year as we want to ensure that each student has an opportunity for lunch with a family member. 

Here is the link  There are TWO SLOTS per grade level on each available day. There will be no lunchroom guests on testing days or other days when we may need to limit school visitors.

As always, you may take your student out for lunch as a treat. If taking advantage of this opportunity, students will need to be signed out and back in during their scheduled lunch/recess.

Thank you for being part of our Ram Fam! We hope you will be able to join us for lunch this year.